Sunday, November 2, 2008

SERO is history!

just found out today that sprint's "SERO" plan is no more... they've given in a new name, "everything plus", made it slightly harder to get in (the generic email doesn't work anymore, and you need 3 digits from the employee's number) and they've raised the prices. i'm hoping they'll grandfather christine and i, but even if they don't we still have about a year on our contract.

anyway, to get into the new "everything plus", i did find a sprint employee who posted their info online...

Interested? Check it out here. My e-mail address (you’ll need it) is and the 3 digits you’ll need are 383.

apparently he's a vp of something or other. i did get to login. the phones are the same price as the regular site, and it only saves you $10 or so compared to sprint's regular plans. here's to keeping the fingers crossed on grandfathering... :)

here's the guy's blog...

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