Thursday, February 18, 2010


That can be a scary question... Especially to ask God... Especially when you're reading through the Old Testament... I know it won't get any better as we go. And I've been thinking about rambling on in a blog about it...

But to avoid putting words in God's mouth, or thoughts in His head, or telling a backstory that isnt really there, I'll just say this... The question that helps me through the Law isnt so much 'why', but more 'what value system is God instilling by these patterns, rituals, rules and repetitions' in the lives of people living totally by faith (though it doesnt seem too impressive at times)... The middle of the desert, fed by something I picture as flat oily rice cakes, getting water from rocks, and following a glowing, stuttering, mountain-climbing shepherd.

I really am tempted to start writing all the maybes in my mind rolling around... And I would, if 'maybe God' wasnt so scary to type... In the end, I think God was teaching his people his value system... Holiness is valuable. Sin, even unintentional is costly. Atonement is a life or death issue. Our relationship with Him isnt something to be approached haphazardly... WHAT WE THINK HE WANTS, HE MOST LIKELY DOESNT... Because our values are not His. And that's really the overarching lesson for us, as NT believers... He put pricetags on things we dont have pricetags for now... He put His value system in some terms of THEIR value system. He ACCOMODATED tainted, unspiritual humanity, by giving them physical represntations of the mysterious unseen. Come to think of it, that really sounds like something He would do, huh?

And 'modern' self-enlightened Dave, like Judas, sees a very strange waste of material goods (and animals lives) that, in my mind is unnecessary for a lesson you could have just taught from a book... But it seems God is less of a test-driven and booksmarts kinda guy, and more of a hands on, you've learned it when you've felt it, experienced it kinda guy.

Anyway, more unstructured ramblings for the sake of rambling...

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jolmstead said...

I love your ramblings.

As is usually the case, I agree with you (with possibly a few qualifications/defining of terms nit-picking). I also affirm your statement that God seems hands on and uses experience to teach and guide. Usually in Christian ethics we call this perspective the existential perspective of ethics (not to be confused with S. Kierkegaard philosophy). According to John Frame, the existential perspective is the inner motivation for ethical decision making. Yet the existential perspective you highlight, while legitimate, is only one of three perspectives. The other two are the situational perspective (redemptive history like the Israelites in the desert, the situations in which we make ethical decisions), and the normative perspective (the Law - commands, exhortations, clear-cut rules, etc.). All three must be preached and taught for a balanced Christian outlook.

I think you're a highly intelligent man, Dave. Keep up the interesting reads.