Friday, December 3, 2010

audio bible aspirations shattered...

As a part of our churchwide focus on spiritual disciplines in 2010, I have almost finished reading aloud and recording the bible in digital audio format.  The last month or so, as we near the end of the year, I've been thinking about possible uses of the audio I've recorded, since the year is coming to a close.  So I contemplated the idea of putting them all on cd and making them available to my faithful podcasters, or family etc...

Which I still could.  But a really frustrating little happenstance:

The NIV version, the version I've been reading, has been updated.  The 2011 revision of the NIV is set to be released in print sometime in March, I think I read somewhere, and has been online since November.  So the good news is, I got two months (most of the new testament) of the new revision recorded.  The bad news is, that my little audio bible is a hybrid of two 'versions' of the NIV version.  Gr.

Oh well...  I've been contemplating another year of podcasts.  We'll see.  Still, a little frustrating, no?

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