Sunday, September 28, 2008

new car?

the time has come. my 2000 hyundai accent has survived beyond my expectations. it's been paid off for 3 years, has 145,000 miles, and a nice coolant leak. i'll probably get that fixed and sell it off to the first high school kid willing to take it. :)
so to replace it, i think i've narrowed it down to two options...

2003 Honda Element

Seats 4
slightly larger than my 2nd choice
seemingly harder to find
seemingly higher priced (even though the blue book is lower than plan b)
hose-able :) (everyone seems to know that)
gas milage- 14/26
cargo- 47 cu. ft.
*note- I HATED these cars when they came out in 2003, and now I kinda like em. Go figure.

Oh yeah, and this one has an optional tow package, which I'm pretty sure plan B doesnt...

Okay... Door #2...
2005 Scion xB

Seats 5
gas milage - 23/37
full door in the back, as opposed to the half door on the element
cargo- 33.5 cu. ft.
christine hates them
i've always liked them (but hate the new ones)
higher blue book prices, but cheaper on auto trader... ???
Even though I always liked them, I really like the Element better now... even though I used to hate it. ???

so... i'm leaning toward the scion tonight, but time will tell. if anyone happens to stumble upon this, feel free to weigh in. so far, people hate the "toaster" car, and i've heard homosexuals are fond of the Element... BUT I LIKE THEM. SO THERE.

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Shaun Mayfield said...

Hmm, tough choice, the Honda you can literally pull a plug on the floor and hose out the inside, all rubberized inside but reminds me of a rubix cube on wheels. But I love te looks of the Scion. Tough, I lean towards the scion though.