Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Do you ever get in the shower

and think, man I'm a spoiled American...  Showering every day is a foreign idea to much of the world.  There are millions of people who would love to have water to drink like the gallon I just used to wash the shampoo out of my hair and down the drain.

Is it mind boggling to anyone that we haven't figured out a way to make sure kids aren't dying around the world of too little food and water?  Because it is to me.  They had free cookies sitting out at the bank the other day, and somewhere some kid is literally starving to death.

And I feel so small.  I do my part, or enough to make me feel like I am.  But sometimes I wonder if we should all sell our tv's and furniture and computers and help someone.  I know...  give a man a fish...  Whatever.  Most Americans don't know how to fish (figuratively speaking)...  We hire out all the fishing to other countries, and make our money at the expense of incredibly impoverished people... and pat ourselves on the back for giving them something...  And I don't exclude myself from these charges at all.  I'm part of the culture responsible.

And in my own mind, when I'm not so contemplative as today, I'm struggling to get by.  Because the numbers on my bank account webpage aren't always the color I'd like them to be.  But I'm listening to world class music, streamed to great speakers (most definitely made in China), with comfortable shoes, a warm sweater...  You get the picture.

And I'm really glad I've been so bothered by this the last couple days.  I hope it bothers me enough to make me think of something I can do to change it.

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jolmstead said...

Yeah, I feel ya on this, Dave. Once I tried staring a homeless ministry. I would walk around downtown handing out food and tracts and pray with folks. Did it a few times. I found the homeless usually wasn't interested in the Bible, just the food. I stopped after I got discouraged when a guy was really excited to get a Bible, just to figure out he wanted something to sell. This whole thing involves the back-and-forth over the "Social Gospel" (did Jesus come mainly for the poor or not and what is the real message of the Gospel?).

Anyway, love the whole blog/coffee theme...wish I would have thought of it first.... ;)